Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Semester of No Excuses!

Class started today, and made me want to die. This whole getting up early, having to put on clothes, having to see people and use my brain thing doesn't work for me. I guess it wasn't that bad once I got there but still. Over the break I evaluated myself and decided that I make way too many excuses for myself. Of course I can't do dishes, I have homework to do... but I should really finish this TV show first... I realized that there's no good reason for me to do less than I would like, even if I am tired.

However, after the first day I do feel quite exhausted, and all I really want to do is take a nap and eat everything in the apartment. But I'm going to be at least a tiny bit productive in that I might do a load of dishes, or maybe organize my class binders.

The classes I had today were Second Semester General Biology, Fundamentals of Psychology, History of Women in America, and Zumba. ...So far, Zumba is my favorite. Biology seems fine. I don't particularly like biology, but I think that it will be better than last semester because it's less molecular and more big picture. My only major complaint is that because of the way the class is organized, unless you put a lot of extra work into the class, I don't think you can do extremely well. There's no way in hell I'm going to read labs for prelab quizzes, read the textbook, go to a weekly discussion outside of class, AND go to lecture. I may just be extremely lazy, but I think that that's a lot to ask of someone who has other classes.

Psychology is going to be an easy A. I'm absolutely positive of that. I am also absolutely positive that I will fall asleep during every lecture. I'm sorry, I respect psychology, but the fundamentals of psychology are basic... They're the FUNDAMENTALS. There's no need to spend half a lecture going over what makes psychology an actual science.

History seems like it will be interesting, but it's also a class filled with a bunch of liberal arts majors, who seem like they'll have opinions on women's issues... Which could make me hate the class. Other than that it seems fine, just a lot of reading.

Zumba was so HARD. We didn't even spend half the class doing actual dancing, but I was so sweaty and out of breath. I also looked like a complete fool trying to follow the instructor, but I'm excited to get better at cardio.

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