Monday, January 6, 2014

Day Five!

Day five didn't go very well in any way. I didn't exercise, mostly because on the calendar workout I'm doing Sundays are breaks. I had basically zero water, and I didn't eat very well. I also went over calories because in the evening I decided I should eat all of the sweet things in the house. I didn't have breakfast, which is bad... but since I've been waking up so late it doesn't make sense to eat something right away. I had a cup of tea when I woke up, then later I had a second cup and some strawberries. For dinner I had macaroni and cheese with smokies, and for dessert I had some apple pie, as well as a chocolate chip blondie.

Weight: 135.7
Body Fat: 34.4%
Breakfast: Scottish breakfast tea with sugar and milk. 45 Calories.
Lunch: Yogi caramel apple spice tea with sugar. 45 Calories.
            Strawberries. 97 Calories.
Dinner: Macaroni and cheese with little smokies. 610 Calories.
Snacks: Apple pie. 380 Calories.
             Chocolate chip cookie blondie. 170 Calories.
Approximate calories in: 1,347
Exercise: N/A
Water: N/A

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