Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Second First Day of Class!

It's always a little weird starting college again, because you don't just have one first day of class. You have two, or maybe even three if you have a class that only meets once a week. To me it's a little challenging, because I get so stressed out about starting new things, that having two or three days of newness is stressful.

On Thursday I had only two classes, which was nice, even though later I'll have labs and whatnot to fill that time. First I had Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion. I don't think I'll really be interested in all in this class, but I need more credits outside of science, so this seemed like an easy A. I appreciate the teacher, because she knows most people are taking it for easy A's. A large part of the class is that we have to choose a TV show that has something to do with witches, and watch and write about it. We also have some "fieldwork" to do, which seems like a pain, but overall the class doesn't seem like it's going to be completely awful.

Next I had Quantum Mechanics, which I can already tell is going to be awful. I've had the professor before, and even though I love his excitement towards teaching, he doesn't understand how to best help his students. I am just hoping to survive this course.

Other than that I am just trying to keep everything balanced as the semester really begins and I have more and more work that starts to pile up. Wish me luck!

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