Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Expanding The Blog!

Well... I can wholeheartedly say that I have failed my diet. I think the main problem was that I was on break, and didn't have anything to keep myself busy. When I'm bored, instead of finding something productive to do, I prefer to eat everything in the house. I think that I was doing alright, except then I went to visit my parents, and of course I didn't diet or exercise while I was there.

Another factor was that while I was home I caught this nasty flu that is going around. I felt alright for the first few days, which allowed me to catch up on the workouts I missed while I was home. In one day I did something like 180 sit-ups, 80 push-ups, and over 4 minutes of planking. But after that the flu hit hard, and I was in bed for about five days. I have no intentions of catching up on the rest of the exercises, but will try to complete the daily ones once I am fully recovered from the flu.

So, since I've failed miserably at eating better and getting fit, I will not be focusing entirely on that. Instead I will be expanding to include various things that I find interesting and/or deem worthy of blogging. The first expansion: School! I start classes this Wednesday! I'm expecting it to be super stressful since I am taking 5 classes, a PE course, AND am taking a MCAT-prep class.

When classes start, I AM going to try to be better about exercising and eating right. I expect it to be easier because I'll have things keeping me out of the fridge. I don't know if I will continue to count calories, but I do expect to log what I eat. And I will be attempting to do the calendar exercises, as well as my PE course. I'll post small updates about my fitness levels/progress, but expect a lot more about school.

As a bonus, enjoy this adorable picture of yawning cat.

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