Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day One!

Today was my first official day of vacation, so I ended up having a really lazy day. Sure I did a few chores around the house, and I even left the house for a quick errand... but the rest of the time I was in pajamas watching tv. Today was really difficult in that I really didn't want to exercise or eat healthy, but instead felt like watching every video on YouTube was a good goal (okay, and exaggeration, but you see my point).

Exercising was so hard! You don't realize how out of shape you are until you're on the elliptical and its on a low setting and you think you're going to die. I know my goal was to exercise for one hour every day, but I couldn't. I did complete a 45 min preset workout on the elliptical, which I feel good about... but I may be the slowest ellipticizer in the world. I did feel good about the workout afterwards, but during I was really grumpy and pessimistic.

For food, I started the day off pretty well. I woke up and had a homemade vanilla latte for breakfast, and for lunch I had leftover chicken and a salad. But then my sweet tooth kicked in and I decided I should eat some mini peanut butter snickers and kitkats. Then... for dinner I had a hot turkey sandwich, which consisted of turkey, laughing cow cheese, pepper and cayenne on sourdough bread... No vegetables... But protein? ...Healthy? After that my Christmas baking kicked in and I decided I should make chocolate chip cookies... and then on Pinterest I found a recipe for toffee... and I decided I should make that too. And then half of my first batch failed, so I had to make a second one. Later this evening I will most likely eat said cookies and toffee... and maybe some popcorn.

All in all, Day One may not have been the healthiest start... but at least I got out of bed to exercise? And I drank over 2 liters of water! Yay hydration! Come back tomorrow evening for what is hopefully a healthier day!

Oh, as a note, to log my food and exercise, I'm using the MyFitnessPal app. It's free in the app store, or you can use an account online, and it really helps because it has pretty much every food you can think of, or at least the components of recipes, so it makes it easy to log. I also have a Fitbit Flex bracelet that tracks my activities, and a Fitbit Aria scale that syncs my weight to my Fitbit app.

Weight: 142.3 lbs
Body Fat: 34.8%
Breakfast: For breakfast I had a latte I made using my Nespresso, 1/3 cup of milk, and Starbucks vanilla syrup. This adds to 121 calories. 
Lunch: For lunch I had leftovers from Outback. Alice Springs Chicken (1/2 serving), and a salad with ranch dressing. 461 calories.
Dinner: Turkey sandwich. 483 calories.
Snacks: 2 snickers peanut butter, 3 mini kitkats. Chocolate chip cookies. 610 calories
Approximate calories in: 1674
Exercise: 45 SLOW minutes on the elliptical
Water: Over 2 liters


  1. I want toffee and cookies... GIMMIE SUM

    1. You're welcome to it... We shall fail together!