Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Diet Bet!

Today I decided to enter a Diet Bet. What is a Diet Bet? You join a game with a bunch of other people, and the website has two programs, Diet4 or Diet10. I'm doing the 4, which means you have to lose 4% of your total body weight in 4 weeks. You buy in for $30, and if you lose your goal weight, you get your money back AND money from people who did not meet their goals. It's a nice monetary incentive if nothing else. Some other benefits are that it's social, so if you don't have someone to support you/diet with you, there are tons of other people participating. The game I joined is being hosted by Shay Carl, a big Youtube celebrity, so the game is large and the pot is pretty big, at around $44,000.

Today was weigh-in day, which meant I had to submit these glamorous photos. The way they make sure people don't cheat is that you have to write a secret word on a card (mine is legumes), and take a picture of yourself on the scale with that card, and then a picture of the weight displayed on the scale with that card.

I'll probably keep this updated with my weigh-ins. They recommend that you weigh in every four days, so stay tuned if you'd like to read about how awful dieting is!

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