Sunday, August 31, 2014

Clarisonic vs. Olay ProX

Hey everyone! So you may remember quite awhile ago when I got the Olay ProX cleanser. This is what I decided to use instead of forking out a lot of money to buy a Clarisonic. I happened to get this for free because my mom bought it in the clearance section of Safeway. 

 50% off, yes! 
 It came with its own cleanser, which I didn't use. 
 And then my mom decided it would be nice to get me the Clarisonic Mia2 as a gift. I did an unboxing, and told you I would do a comparison at some point... That point is now... 

 Right off the bat you can see some differences. The Clarisonic is much bigger than the ProX. Not just in the size of the body, but the brush itself covers a much larger surface area. 

After using the Olay ProX for the first time, I was impressed. I had never used an electronic cleanser before, so I was pleased with how well it cleaned my face compared to just using face wash alone. The ProX has two speeds, but the first one was much too slow, so I would always use the faster speed. Even then though, it doesn't have very much power and if you push into your face you can tell the motor is struggling. In contrast, I have never changed the speed of my Clarisonic. I just turn it on and go.

A nice aspect of the Clarisonic is that it's rechargeable. The ProX came with a AA battery, which I had to replace after a month of use. The Clarisonic charges for 24 hours initially, and then they claim that that charge lasts for a month. In my experience it lasted about two months, and then I felt I should recharge it just to be safe because I was going out of town. But it had no signs of dying.

Another aspect of the Clarisonic that's better than the ProX is that the Clarisonic has a timer. Once you turn it on, it vibrates at 20 and 10 second intervals (which you're supposed to use to know when it's time to clean different areas of your face), and then turns off after one minute. This is nice because it helps you to focus on different areas, and also reminds you not to overdo it.

The biggest difference between the two is the way in which they work. The ProX spins the entire brush in a circle. When I first got this, I just assumed that that was what the Clarisonic did as well, but no. The Clarisonic just sort of pulses. You can choose to move it in a circular pattern on your face, which I do, but it doesn't move the entire brush like that. Instead the brush just sort of vibrates. I think that this works much better than the ProX, and it might be the reason that I've seen better results using the Clarisonic than I did with the ProX.

The only upside to the ProX is that it's super cheap in comparison. You can buy one for about $20 at your local drugstore, whereas the Clarisonic is closer to $150. I would recommend getting the ProX only to someone who wasn't sure about making the purchase, or to someone who wasn't sure that an electronic cleanser would work for them. If you think for sure you'll use it, I would absolutely recommend the Clarisonic over the ProX. I've seen much better results using it, and it just seems to be much better quality (which it should be for the price!).

Finally, because the Clarisonic is so popular, they have a lot of accessories available. For example, they have a wide variety of brush heads that you can buy (you're supposed to change the brush every 3 months, so I'll be buying a new one soon). These include special brushes for acne, deep cleansing, and sensitive skin. They also have brush heads for your body, and they've started selling a whole system just for your feet. You can buy the brush heads just for the feet, but I'm not 100% sure that they fit with any Clarisonic system.

If you've found this helpful, or have any thoughts about my review or the products themselves, go ahead and leave a comment! Thanks for reading!

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