Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lazy Days Of Summer!

I'm so sorry that there is not an interesting post this week... and for the lack of a post last week. I've been relaxing! It is summer vacation after all! Last week I was with my mom in Vegas! It was such an interesting experience. I got home last weekend and didn't have time to do a post then, and this week I've just been relaxing. It's been so nice. I've read more books in the past week than I have since  I started college I think (pleasurable reading... obviously I read my school books... >_>). I was planning on making something from the new cook book I bought a couple weeks ago, but then Will and I had a craving for brownies and we made some a few nights ago... and we made them from a box (gasp!). I will absolutely for sure post something more interesting next week though!

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