Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stress and Failing!

So I've failed at keeping track of things with this blog... School has just been so stressful that I haven't had any free time to do anything (really, anything). The green smoothie experiment failed. I drank them for about a week and then got tired of making them (extreme laziness). I don't think they were helping me that much. Yes, I was getting some veggies, but they were also a lot of calories, and that was making me feel iffy about drinking them every day. They certainly weren't a bad source of vegetables, since I couldn't taste them at all, but I don't think they're for me.

School has gotten really stressful lately. I decided to overload this semester, take an MCAT prep course, and apply for research, and all of those things can't happen at once. I got an interview for a research position which was studying SLOS syndrome, but due to other time commitments I was not able to do it, which was a major bummer. I need to have research done in the next year, so this added to my stress levels. The MCAT class started at the beginning of February, and it wasn't so bad the first two weeks, but now the work load has increased significantly, and I'm having a hard time balancing it and my schoolwork. I've fallen behind on the online lesson stuff, which is fine, I'm not getting graded in the class so it doesn't really have a huge impact if I don't do something, but I want to do it. I really need to improve my MCAT score if I want to get into a med school in California. I got a 16 on the diagnostic test, and most schools in CA want at least a 33.

I'm also seeing the effects of trying to do too much in my classes. My first midterm was in Psych, which I didn't really care about so I put off studying for. I got a 70% on it. This was awful considering I thought the class wasn't going to need any effort on my part to get an easy A. My second midterm was in Biology, and I actually studied really hard for it, and got a 79. This was super devastating. Then, on the first assignment for my History of Women in America course, I got a B-, and there are only like 5 graded assignments in that class, so I can't afford to get those sorts of grades and have decided to drop it. Hopefully dropping that course will give me more time to handle my other commitments and will help to reduce the stress I'm feeling.

In terms of fitness and health, since the beginning of February I hadn't really been exercising. I was taking my Zumba class at school, but I had even been skipping a few of those. About a week ago we bought a new treadmill, which has been going really well for me. I think my biggest problem with the elliptical was that I got so bored, and time seemed to be going so slowly. With the treadmill I get on and before I know it it's been half an hour. This past week I've ran every day I didn't have Zumba, except for Thursday cause that day has no time for exercise. Yesterday I started using a couch to 5k app (a free one), and I'm really excited to build up my stamina.

Hopefully I'll have time to post updates to this page about how things are progessing. Wish me luck!

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